Advanced MTHFR Panel

MTHFR is one of the most commonly requested SNPs for those seeking more information on:

  • Prenatal health
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Detoxification
  • Vitamin necessity
  • Neuro-sensory factors
  • and more...

In this panel, we explore 20+ MTHFR SNPs that are commonly overlooked by standard genetic testing. Pairing this with one of our other panels, which include MTHFR 1298 & 677, gives a more comprehensive overview than has ever been made available.

Additional SNPs in this panel include:

  • FOLR1
  • FOLR2
  • FOLR3
  • SLC19A1
  • DHFR

A Beta Sample Report can be viewed here.  This report is subject to change and will include more information about each SNP in the final report.

**This panel does not include MTHFR 1298 or 677. This test should be considered as an add-on to the Nutrition & Weight Loss Panel, the Metabolic & Detoxification Panel, or the Combo Panel, which do contain MTHFR 1298 & 677.**


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